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Looking for someone? This searchable directory of all of our staff makes it easy for you to connect. Search by keyword (example: music or counselor), first or last name, or simply use the "Departments" drop-down box to find everyone in a department. Happy searching!

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Dean Blanton Jr

Titles: Keyboarding Teacher
Departments: Career and Technical Education

Donna Bolick

Titles: Cafeteria Employee
Departments: School Nutrition

Tracie Bowen

Titles: Office Assistant
Departments: Administrative Support

Carol Brinkley

Titles: EC Teacher
Departments: Exceptional Children

Miriam Butts

Titles: Science Teacher
Departments: Science

Kelly Carey

Titles: Language Arts Teacher
Departments: English Language Arts

Angie Chapman

Titles: Cafeteria Employee
Departments: Child Nutrition

Karen Chester

Titles: Computer Competency Teacher
Departments: Career and Technical Education

Thomas Church

Titles: Teacher Assistant
Departments: Administrative Support