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Specialized Services

We are a true team at Jacobs Fork Middle School and strive to have every student at JFMS reach for success. We have comprehensive counseling services to accomodate all students.  We  have a 21 century media center to provide both technology and print resources for all learners.

Meet our Specialized Teachers


                             Julia Yang- ESL                                 Jewel Wido- EC                                    Carol Brinkley- EC

Student Support Team

  Lori Wike- Counselor                                 LeeAnn Dalton- Counselor                   Sara Mofford- Media Coordinator


We are dedicated to making education better for ALL the students we serve! Learn about our specialized programs by clicking on the links below. 

wood blocks that spell out English Learners

We are dedicated to making education better for all the students we serve - including more than 3,000 of our students who speak 30+ languages.

Meet Our Dedicated Team of Specialists

We are fortunate to have such a highly trained team working with our students every day. Please visit our Staff Directory and filter on the specialty you are interested. 

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